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Hello! My name is Kat, your Head Coach and this is my story. My life has been an incredible journey but if there is anything that is concrete is that I can truly say that fitness is my passion. 


This begins in 2012 when I entered a Tough Mudder Race. 12.5-miles attached with 25 of the most challenging obstacles I have ever came across; I loved every minute! That race paved the path to my passion and to an introduction. The following year I was introduced to CrossFit and started training in a home garage with a group of friends. Our group might have been small but we held one another accountable and in return that mindset help us grow as athletes. Despite that CrossFit was new to me, it came naturally and I immediately fell in love.


In 2015 I was in search of a CrossFit gym that would uphold the same mentality that held me accountable for any excuses that I attempted to fabricate that could limit my progression as an athlete. The search was incredibly hard but it was not impossible. I found a great place that came along with a new family. 


A few years of hard work and I was offered an Assistant Coach Position. I trained under a fantastic coach that helped me polish my technique and share their knowledge on training athletes. This was truly a pivoting point in my fitness journey. 


During this time, I trained intensively entering into more than a dozen CrossFit competitions. My love for the sport and to fitness continued to expand. 


2018 was the year of testing limits and I decided to take a different route. I met a coach who prepared me for an NPC bikini competition. Strength training, meal prepping, stage walking, etc. A positive yet drastic change in my physical appearance occurred thanks to my new profound knowledge on nutrition. However, my love for CrossFit is undying and with my coach’s permission, I would do both! The combination of CrossFit along with competition prep changed me completely. I was faster and stronger than ever before and all that work finally paid off. During the NPC bikini competition in West Palm Beach I was awarded first place in my category. I am convinced that the combination of training is responsible for my achievements.


The power in CrossFit and proper nutrition is undeniable. It changed my life and it has inspired me to reach others. To feeling confident, to building strength, to looking your best, is empowering and it would be my honor to make that possible. Is my passion and my pleasure in sharing these building blocks through CrossFit AFN (Aurora Fitness & Nutrition).


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